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Last Mile Delivery

Our hard work & consistency is not just limited to getting the parcel delivered, but also delivering the happiness & emotional value that come with it. DTDC proudly owns the largest delivery network across India, and is recognised globally for its best-in-class worldwide parcel services. DTDC’s technological upfront has been designed to facilitate seamless delivery & return managements.

Cash on Delivery (COD)
Next Day Delivery
Managed Drop Ship
3PL Management
Reverse Logistics

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Multi-Vendor Management

Managing e-tail distribution with multi-vendors can be one of the biggest hurdles to a successful business. It requires all network partners to assist each other in managing all the important elements of the distribution network. To facilitate this smoothly, DTDC’s fulfilment centres and technological platforms are integrated with all the major network partners. This way, there is no gap when it comes to reaching out to global customers. Now, no matter where the customer is, DTDC delivers.

Network Partnetrships
Pick-Ups and Drops Off
Centres (PUDO)
Vendor Mapping

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Integrated Technology Platform

For DTDC, technology forms the essence of all our service packages. We offer single-window frameworks to all e-commerce websites for product hosting. Our strong back-end software servicing allows optimal inventory management, channel management , order management, vendor status update, account reconciliation, and more. The customized IT platform ensures easy and hassle-free integrations required by our clients, without compromising transparency.

Payment Solution
Product Listing
Real Time

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Cross Border Management

Cross-border services are not just providing courier services across boundaries. It’s about making use of professional e-commerce research to connect all the dots, and link all the elements of the supply chain, at competitive rates. What it results in is a customized set of logistic solutions, guaranting to take DTDC’s client business to the next level.

Our value chain proposition includes all the components to make an e-commerce success-story, right from international courier services to logistics distribution. Exploring new fields and articulating all the factors to get an optimized solution is what separates DTDC from the rest.

Localized Warehousing
International Supply Chain Management
Express 24/7
Custom Clearance
Reverse Logistics
Real Time Online
Customer Service

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Warehousing & E-Fulfilment

DTDC’s ability to assimilate worldwide parcel services with the best technological platforms means the highest level of success. Be it start-ups or established players, our fulfilment warehouses are designed to facilitate smooth order-fulfilment processes, from receiving to product delivery. Our best-in-class warehouse management systems are tailored to efficiently ship thousands of orders of any size.

Custom packaging
Quality Check
24X7 Security
Controlled Centres

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Restricted Commodities permitted only with prior approval from the Customs clearance team
  1. Alcoholic beverages
  2. Artificial Jewelry
  3. Auto parts with fluids in them
  4. Banderols/Tax stickers with a shipment value in excess of EUR 500,000
  5. Cannabis for medicinal purposes from bona fide pharmaceutical manufacturers with appropriate licences and where lawful to ship, which must be in tablet or liquid form, may be carried with an approved business case.
  6. Carnets
  7. Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco products and electronic cigarettes with a shipment value in excess of EUR 500,000
  8. Commemorative coins and medals with an individual value or total shipment value of EUR 2,000 or more are restricted for carriage
  9. Food stuffs, Perishable Food articles and Beverages requiring refrigeration or other Environmental control
  10. Lithium Batteries 
  11. Loose Pearls 
  12. Maps and literature where Indian external boundaries have been shown incorrectly
  13. Other Regulated Material (ORM-D) Service 
  14. Passports (only with Govt approval)
  15. Seeds 
  16. Shipments that requires special License or Permit for transportation
  17. Televisions 
  18. Time-sensitive or critical written materials or documents including bids and contract proposals
  19. Tobacco 
  20. Used Merchandise 
  21. Watches 
  22. Works of art 


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NDPS Prohibited Drugs - Marketing Substance 
  1. Acetrophine
  2. Alfentanil
  3. Allobarbital
  4. Alphacetylmethadol
  5. Alprazolam
  6. Amfepramone
  7. Amfetamine
  8. Amineptine
  9. Amobarbital
  10. Amphetamine
  11. Anileridine
  12. Benzylmorphine
  13. Beta-Hydroxy-3-methyl fentanyl
  14. Betaprodine
  15. Bromazepam
  16. Brotizolam
  17. Buprenorphine
  18. Camazepam
  19. Chlordiazepoxide
  20. Clobazam
  21. Clonazepam
  22. Clorazepate
  23. Clotiazepam
  24. Codeine
  25. Codeinone
  26. Codinovo
  27. Delorazepam
  28. Delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinl
  29. Dexamfetamine
  30. Dexamphetamine
  31. Dextropropoxyphene
  32. Diazepam
  33. Dicodide
  34. Diconone
  35. Diethylpropion
  36. Difenoxin
  37. Dihydrocodeine
  38. Dihydromorphine
  39. Dihydroxy
  40. Dilaudide
  41. Dimorphid
  42. Dionine
  43. Diphenoxylate
  44. Diphenoxylic Acid
  45. Dipipanone
  46. Dronabinol
  47. Estazolam
  48. Ethyl Loflazepate
  49. Ethylmorphine
  50. Fencamfamin
  51. Fenethylline
  52. Fenetylline
  53. Fentanyl
  54. Flurazepam
  55. Fluruitrazepam
  56. Glutethimide
  57. Hybernil
  58. Hycodan
  59. Hydrocodone
  60. Hydromorphone
  61. Ketamine
  62. Ketazolam
  63. Levamfetamine
  64. Levamfetamine
  65. Loprazolam
  66. Lorazepam
  67. Lorazeram
  68. Lormetazepam
  69. Lormetazepam
  70. Mazindol
  71. Medazepam
  72. Meprobamate
  73. Mesocarb
  74. Metamfetamine
  75. Metamfetamine
  76. Methadone
  77. Methamphetamine
  78. Methamphetamine
  79. Methylphenidate
  80. Midazolam
  81. Morphine
  82. Multacodin
  83. Nicomorphine
  84. Nimetazepam
  85. Nitrazepam
  86. Nomocodeine
  87. Novalaudon
  88. Nycodide
  89. Oxazepam
  90. Oxycodone
  91. Oxymorphone
  92. Paramorfan
  93. Pemoline
  94. Pentazocine
  95. Pentobarbital
  96. Pethidine
  97. Phendimetrazine
  98. Phenmetrazine
  99. Phenobarbital
  100. Phentermine
  101. Phocodine
  102. Prazepam
  103. Propiram
  104. Racemate
  105. Remifentanil
  106. Secobarbital
  107. Sufentanil
  108. Tetrazepam
  109. Tilidine
  110. Tramadol 
  111. Triazolam
  112. Zipeprol
  113. Zolpidem


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Goods you are not allowed to send

  1. Live Stock and its Articles
  2. Activated SIM cards 
  3. Air guns, replica and imitation firearms
  4. Alcohol/tobacco/drugs/poisonous goods
  5. Animal Raw Skins/Furs
  6. Antiques (objects over 100 years old)
  7. APO ( Army Post Office ) / FPO ( Fleet Post Office )/DPO  (Diplomatic Post Office) Addresses
  8. Arms & Ammunitions
  9. Asbestos
  10. Biological Substance, Category B 
  11. Bullion (of any precious metal)
  12. Contraband including, but not limited to, illicit drugs and counterfeit goods
  13. Corrosive items (acids, chemicals), radioactive material such as Aluminum chloride, Caustic soda, Corrosive cleaning fluid, Corrosive rust remover/preventative, Corrosive paint remover (Nail Polish), Acid (Hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Sulphuric acid, etc.) 
  14. Cremated or Disinerred Human Remains
  15. Currency, Cheques, Bullion, Payment Cards, Traveler Cheques, Stamps
  16. Dangerous goods and Hazardous material prohibited or restricted by IATA /ICAO and other Government or Regulatory Agencies 
  17. Dry Ice 
  18. Drugs - Cocaine, Cannabis resin, LSD, Narcotics, Morphine,Opium, Psychotropic substances, etc. 
  19. Edible Oils, De-oiled groundnut cakes, Fodder and Rice bran 
  20. Electronic cigarettes 
  21. Endangered species/plants and its parts under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)
  22. Explosives (arms, ammunition, fireworks, flares, gunpowder, airbag inflators)
  23. Fire extinguishers 
  24. Fireworks and Other items of  an incendiary or Flammable nature
  25. Flammable items (fire crackers, oil cans, adhesives, paint cans)
  26. Gambling devices, lottery tickets.
  27. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Articles of Gem & Jewelry
  28. Gases compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure 
  29. Hazarous Waste, including but not limited to Used Hypodermic Needles and/or Syringes or Medical waste
  30. High capacity batteries such as car batteries, generator batteries
  31. Human and Animal Embryos, 
  32. Human and animal remains, including ashes
  33. Human Corpses, Organs or Body Parts. 
  34. Hunting (animal) trophies,
  35. Indian Postal Articles
  36. Industrial Diamonds 
  37. Ivory and ivory products
  38. Ketamine and other Drugs of Illegal Narcotics (contraband) and Psychotropic substances 
  39. Knives 
  40. LEDs, LCDs, plasma, OLED and any kind of television screens
  41. Letter of Credit/Bill of Lading
  42. Liquid Chemicals and other liquid products
  43. Lottery tickets and gambling devices where prohibited by law.
  44. Machinery parts containing oil, grease, fuel or batteries
  45. Magnetized material
  46. Marijuana, including Marijuana intended for medical use 
  47. Meat and Edible Meat of all kinds
  48. Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances
  49. Negotiable Items or documents
  50. Negotiable Currency - Bullion, Money, Fake/Dummy/Collectable Cash, Payment Cards, Traveler Cheques, Passports, IDs, Stamps 
  51. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides Solids such as Fertilizers, Dyes, Bromates, Chlorates, Nitrates, Perchlorates, Permanganates, Peroxides, Weed killers, Insecticides 
  52. Plants and plant material including Seeds and Cut Flowers. 
  53. Pornographic material
  54. Precious, semi-precious metals or stones in any form including bricks 
  55. Radioactive material - Fissile material (Uranium 235, etc.), Radioactive waste material, Thorium or Uranium ores etc
  56. Sand/Soil and Ores
  57. Sandalwood and its oils 
  58. Sea shells, including polished sea shells and handicrafts 
  59. Special Chemicals, Organisms, Materials, Equipments & Technologies (SCOMET) items
  60. Sword 
  61. Toner (Photocopier)
  62. Toxic and infectious substances - Arsenic, Beryllium, Cyanide, Fluorine, Hydrogen Solenoid, Mercury, Mercury salts, Mustard gas, Nitrobenzene, Nitrogen dioxide, Pesticides, Poisons, Rat poison, Ebola, Foot and mouth disease, Environmental, clinical and medical waste 
  63. Wet Ice (Frozen Water)
  64. Wood and wood pulp/products


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